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ORN 2013 Illumination
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ORN 2013 Illumination


Celebrate the season and commemorate your visit to the Arboretum's first holiday light display; Illumination: Tree Lights at The Morton Arboretum, with this beautiful, hand-blown glass ornament. Premier glass-blower, Shannon Jane Morgan, who also co-produces the Arboretum's popular Glass Pumpkin Patch each fall has designed and made this spectacular glass ornament. Dappled with claret, shades of golden topaz, the blush of apricot, ethereal gold, and flecks of snowy white, the stunning ornament measures approximately 3" in diameter. Each piece is hand-crafted, 'Una Alla Volta', as Shannon and her crew like to say, which means 'handmade one at a time'. The ornament was designed to be displayed all year round, and not just to be enjoyed during the holiday season. Slight size and color differences may occur due to this unique and intricate process. Each beautiful ornament is $30.00.


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