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My Journey Into the Wilds of Chicago
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My Journey Into the Wilds of Chicago


In My Journey into the Wilds of Chicago, photographer and humorist, Mike MacDonald, takes you on a trip to Chicago’s wild side—a verdant, untamed Chicago that has been there all along, just waiting to be explored. MacDonald combines breathtaking images and imaginative prose to lead you on an adventure into enchanted and faraway lands located just up the road. From kaleidoscopic tall grass prairies to the verdant canopies of rare oak savannas, from the miniature realm of the bumble bee to the mysterious world of the clandestine coyote, startling photographs of a vast and wild Chicago evoke shock and delight with every turn of the page.

MacDonald’s contagious enthusiasm and decades comedy experience are channeled into inventive essays, captions, and poetry that engage the imagination and add richness to your journey. This inspirational volume is a magical portal that invites readers to cross the threshold, to get off their couches and to abandon their screens, to come out into nature and play.


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