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 Silver Seasons
 Elaine Coyne
Aspen ER w/ Turquoise,LP316EChrysocolla Flower Ring,NAP415RCuff Feather Gold,7252BZGCuff Feather Gunmetal,7252BZGMCuff Ginkgo,7181 BZ

Aspen ER w/ Turquoise
On Sale!
Was $65.00


Chrysocolla Flower Ring
On Sale!
Was $90.00


Cuff Feather Gold


Cuff Feather Gunmetal


Cuff Ginkgo

Dragonfly Earring Jade/Turq,DRP7877EDragonfly Necklace on Turquoise Bead,DRP275N TUDragonfly Pendant on Leather,DRP275PD TUEarring Classic Silver Bead,19WEarring Leaf/Pearl,SCWW6

Dragonfly Earring Jade/Turq


Dragonfly Necklace on Turquoise Bead


Dragonfly Pendant on Leather


Earring Classic Silver Bead


Earring Leaf/Pearl

ER Daisy Wire,4582BZER Feather Gold,3137BZGER Ginkgo1056,4210Flower Button Post Earring,NAP629ELeaf Pendant w/ Stone,NAP71PD-GA,CA,AM

ER Daisy Wire


ER Feather Gold


ER Ginkgo1056


Flower Button Post Earring


Leaf Pendant w/ Stone

Leaf w/ Stone Dangle Earring,NAP713E - CA,GA,AMNecklace 3 Leaf Pearl,SCNW6Necklace Birch Bark/Roman Glass,AMN20Necklace Leaf with Grossular Garnet/Pearl,GN7Necklace Love Tree Kathy Bransfield,LTN-174

Leaf w/ Stone Dangle Earring


Necklace 3 Leaf Pearl


Necklace Birch Bark/Roman Glass


Necklace Leaf with Grossular Garnet/Pearl


Necklace Love Tree Kathy Bransfield

Necklace Tree Friend, Proverbs Kathy B,PRT-232Necklace Trees I'll Be There,TTN-192Necklace Turquoise/Pearl/Birch,TNNK Driftwood Multi Hoop BZGPGM,8915BZGPGMNK Irish Thorn on Pearl,8124BZWP

Necklace Tree Friend, Proverbs Kathy B


Necklace Trees I'll Be There


Necklace Turquoise/Pearl/Birch


NK Driftwood Multi Hoop BZGPGM


NK Irish Thorn on Pearl

NK Samara Single,9012BZGPin Daisy,5715 BZPin Ginkgo SM,5534  

NK Samara Single


Pin Daisy


Pin Ginkgo SM

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