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 Kathy Bransfield
 Silver Seasons
 Elaine Coyne
Cuff Feather Gold,7252BZGCuff Feather Gunmetal,7252BZGMCuff Ginkgo,7181 BZDragonfly Earring Jade/Turq,DRP7877EDragonfly Necklace on Turquoise Bead,DRP275N TU

Cuff Feather Gold


Cuff Feather Gunmetal


Cuff Ginkgo


Dragonfly Earring Jade/Turq


Dragonfly Necklace on Turquoise Bead

Dragonfly Pendant on Leather,DRP275PD TUEarring Classic Silver Bead,19WER Daisy Wire,4582BZER Feather Gold,3137BZGER Ginkgo1056,4210

Dragonfly Pendant on Leather


Earring Classic Silver Bead


ER Daisy Wire


ER Feather Gold


ER Ginkgo1056

Leaf Pendant w/ Stone,NAP71PD-GA,CA,AMLeaf w/ Stone Dangle Earring,NAP713E - CA,GA,AMNecklace 3 Leaf Pearl,SCNW6Necklace Leaf with Grossular Garnet/Pearl,GN7Necklace Trees I'll Be There,TTN-192

Leaf Pendant w/ Stone


Leaf w/ Stone Dangle Earring


Necklace 3 Leaf Pearl


Necklace Leaf with Grossular Garnet/Pearl


Necklace Trees I'll Be There

Necklace Turquoise/Pearl/Birch,TNNK Irish Thorn on Pearl,8124BZWPPin Daisy,5715 BZPin Ginkgo SM,5534 

Necklace Turquoise/Pearl/Birch


NK Irish Thorn on Pearl


Pin Daisy


Pin Ginkgo SM

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