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Seven Ways to Trick a Troll
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Seven Ways to Trick a Troll

Trolls! They are huge and ugly and very, very dangerous. But luckily, their brains are no bigger than a walnut, so even small children can trick them. First, though, you need to know their weaknesses—and that’s where these stories come in. It is helpful to know what a little girl can do when she finds out that trolls hate loud noises. Or how two brothers might make an entire family of horrible trolls burst and turn to stone. Or what a clever little gnome boy does when he discovers that trolls are ever so easily distracted. Helpful, but also great fun, and it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of all the tricks children already know when it comes to overcoming trolls—or other fearsome beings and things.

Patience, kindness, courage, and quick thinking—what works against trolls are the best things about being human. Taken from a wide range of historical and international sources, Seven Ways to Trick a Troll will delight and entertain imaginations of all ages.


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