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Ladybug Land
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Ladybug Land


There is something really special about ladybugs. They’re cute, colorful and friendly, and so helpful in the garden. Children will love to watch their very own ladybug larvae explore the paths and mountains of the Live Ladybug Land. The larvae will grow and molt several times, pupate and then emerge as adult ladybugs. Watch them for a few days, then set them free to help protect your garden and plants. Ladybug Land is a live ladybug hatching kit and comes with a Mail-in Coupon for 15-20 live ladybug larvae, guide book with fun ladybug facts, a magnifying glass for up-close observation, and a pipette to feed your ladybugs. *Ladybug larvae can only be shipped within the Continental USA; cannot ship to Mexico, Hawaii, or Canada. Shipping and handling charges are an additional $5 for larvae and food.


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